Region's pieces still in motion

The conference shuffling that has taken place in the Mid-Atlantic region has not died down and other pieces could be in motion soon.

Sources in both conferences tell that the Middle Atlantic Conference has invited Pennsylvania Athletic Conference members Alvernia and Misericordia to take a position in the Freedom. Alvernia scheduled a news conference for Thursday afternoon in regards to conference affiliation and MAC commissioner Ken Andrews is scheduled to participate.

Schools began changing affiliation in the fall of 2005, when MAC Commonwealth members Juniata, Moravian and Susquehanna announced they would leave the MAC for football and play that sport elsewhere. The three later joined in forming a new conference, the Landmark Conference, which also took two from the Capital, one from the Skyline and two from the MAC Freedom. The Capital added two schools, including one from the PAC and one from the NEAC. The PAC added two schools, taking one from the Skyline and one from the defunct AWCC. The MAC added two schools, from the PAC and Skyline. The Skyline added three, while the NEAC has added two AWCC schools and a future provisional D-III member.

This move would get the MAC back up to its previous membership levels, should the schools accept.