D3hoops.com All-Americans

Each year since 1998, D3hoops.com has selected an All-America team. We announce our All-America teams during our audio broadcast of the national title game or at the national championship site on an annual basis.

Beginning in 2001-02, D3hoops.com introduced All-Region teams, voted on by Sports Information Directors, with All-Region nominees considered for All-America status.

Men's All-America teams,
Player of the Year
Women's All-America teams,
Player of the Year
All-time selections All-time selections
2018-19: Aston Francis, Wheaton (Ill.) 2018-19: Madison Temple, Thomas More
2017-18: Nate Axelrod, Ohio Wesleyan 2017-18: Kate Kerrigan, Bowdoin
2016-17: Joey Flannery, Babson 2016-17: Kaitlin Langer, St. Thomas
2015-16: Lucas Johnson, Benedictine 2015-16: Sydney Moss, Thomas More
2014-15: Gerry Wixted, Dickinson 2014-15: Sydney Moss, Thomas More
2013-14: Aaron Toomey, Amherst 2013-14: Sydney Moss, Thomas More
2012-13: John DiBartolomeo, Rochester 2012-13: Carissa Verkaik, Calvin
2011-12: Chris Davis, UW-Whitewater 2011-12: Olivia Lett, Illinois Wesleyan
2010-11: Michael Taylor, Whitworth 2010-11: Chelsie Schweers, Christopher Newport
2009-10: Steve Djurickovic, Carthage 2009-10: Carrie Snikkers, Hope
2008-09: Jimmy Bartolotta, MIT 2008-09: Hillary Klimowicz, TCNJ
2007-08: Troy Ruths, Washington U. 2007-08: Meia Daniels, Howard Payne
2006-07: Ben Strong, Guilford 2006-07: Ashley Marble, Southern Maine
2005-06: Kyle Myrick, Lincoln 2005-06: Megan Silva, Randolph-Macon
The D3hoops.com Player of the Year was first named in 2005-06.
2004-05 Men's All-America team 2004-05 Women's All-America team
2003-04 Men's All-America team 2003-04 Women's All-America team
2002-03 Men's All-America team 2002-03 Women's All-America team
2001-02 Men's All-America team 2001-02 Women's All-America team
2000-01 Men's All-America team 2000-01 Women's All-America team
1999-00 Men's All-America team 1999-00 Women's All-America team
1998-99 Men's All-America team 1998-99 Women's All-America team
1997-98 Men's All-America team 1997-98 Women's All-America team
Preseason All-America teams
2019-20 preseason men's All-Americans 2019-20 preseason women's All-Americans
2018-19 preseason men's All-Americans 2018-19 preseason women's All-Americans
2017-18 preseason men's All-Americans 2017-18 preseason women's All-Americans
2016-17 preseason men's All-Americans 2016-17 preseason women's All-Americans
2015-16 preseason men's All-Americans 2015-16 preseason women's All-Americans
2014-15 preseason men's All-Americans 2014-15 preseason women's All-Americans
2013-14 preseason men's All-Americans 2013-14 preseason women's All-Americans
2012-13 preseason men's All-Americans 2012-13 preseason women's All-Americans
2011-12 preseason men's All-Americans 2011-12 preseason women's All-Americans
2010-11 preseason men's All-Americans 2010-11 preseason women's All-Americans