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Welcome to the 2018-19 Division III basketball season!

The season also gets tipped off a week earlier than normal as the new start is now November 8. With an earlier start date comes an earlier start (and more total shows) for Hoopsville as well.

On the season debut of the 16th season of Hoopsville, Dave McHugh will chat with the two preseason top picks, and defending champions, along with a coach who made a big move in the offseason.

Dave will also talk about a lot of the hot topics entering the season including not only normal coaching changes, but also last minute changes including in the Top 10 of women's basketball.

Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studio. Sunday's debut is available On Demand. Podcast fans will also be able to listen to the show via the link to the right.

If you have questions about Division III basketball, feel free to send them and we will answer them on a the show. Email them to hoopsville@d3hoops.com or use any of the social media options to the right.

Guests Schedule (order subject to change):
- Dale Wellman, No. 1 Nebraska Wesleyan men's head coach
- Pat Juckem, WashU men's head coach
- G.P. Gromacki, No. 1 Amherst women's head coach

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