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The beginning of the 2017-18 season has been fascinating. We have seen plenty of teams take unexpected losses while at the same time teams have risen to the early season challenges. Programs are scheduling tougher competition to start the year looking to secure opportunities to keep playing in March. The results have made the opening games of the season no longer a slow build-up to conference play starting.

On Thursday's episode of Hoopsville, Dave chats with a few coaches whose programs have leaped into the Top 25, one that is in the Top 25 that Dave isn't voting for, and another Dave is curious about whether he should vote for them.

Dave also chats with a former All-American about a project he brainstormed to give Division III student-athletes more pride in showcasing their talents.

Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studio. This week Dave is on the road at the Division III Men's and Women's Soccer Championships which means this episode is an audio-only podcast. The segments were pre-recorded earlier in the week. You can listen to the show in the player above or to the right.

If you have questions you would like to get answered, send them to the show and they may be featured on the Hoopsville Mailbag segment. Email them to hoopsville@d3hoops.com.

Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Adrienne Shibles, No. 17 Bowdoin women's coach 
- Kole Vivian, No. 24 Marietta women's coach
- Sam Borst-Smith, former Rochester All-American, creator of #D3Talent
- Dick Peth, No. 14 Wartburg men's coach
- Ron Rose, Illinois Wesleyan men's coach

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