Hoopsville Courtside: Championship Postgame

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Welcome to the Hoopsville Courtside shows LIVE from the Salem Civic Center in Salem, Virginia.

A champion has been crowned in Division III men's basketball. Congratulations to Nebraska Wesleyan (30-3) up upended No. 24 UW-Oshkosh's hopes at a first national title.

Dave McHugh, Pat Coleman, and guests talk about the championship game, how it was won, who outshined them all, and much more.

Guests included:
- Nathan Dennison, VP of Sale at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
- Lincoln Rose, NCAA.com Play-by-Play
- Tim Fitzpatrick, DIII Men's Basketball Committee Chair and Coast Guard Athletic Director
- Dale Wellman, Nebraska Wesleyan head coach

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