Hoopsville: 2nd Semester Debut

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The holidays brought us many presents in Division III basketball. From upsets to impressive performances, many teams made an impression. As a result, there is plenty to recap as Hoopsville returns to the air after the holiday break.

Join Dave as he talks to guests around the country and recaps an incredible few weeks - or tries to recap. From an assistant coach who made a life saving decision, a women's coach who has been fighting cancer without missing time with his team, to coaches around the country who have teams that have many wondering ... just how good are they?

With the midseason return of Hoopsville comes with it some of the more structured aspects of the show. For starters, Thursday nights are dedicated primarily to the East, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes, and West Regions for guests. Tonight also sees the season debut of the "WBCA Center Court" which is a segment that allows viewers to learn more about coaches and what they are involved in outside of basketball.

Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studio. You can watch the show On Demand in the video player above or listen to the podcasts located to the right.

You can also send your questions to the show and have them featured on the Hoopsville Mailbag segment. Email them to hoopsville@d3hoops.com.

Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Justin Smith, Dubuque women's assistant coach 
- Brian Newhall, Occidental men's coach
- Guy Rancourt, No. 6 Lycoming men's coach
- Matt Dempsey, Merchant Marine women's coach (WBCA Center Court)
- Jeff Hans, No. 8 Thomas More women's coach
- Joe Burke, Skidmore men's coach

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