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By this point in most seasons, the usual names appear at the top of conferences races and conversations surround the usual suspects. Not the case this year. There are new names at the top, or in the mix, of conferences around the country.

That excitement is what is driving the 2017-18 season and makes any night in Division III must-watch.

On Sunday's episode of Hoopsville, Dave talks to some new face leading or in the mix in their respective conferences from four or the regions around the country. Can these teams keep their success through the end of the season or has the challenge just gotten that much more difficult as the second half of conference schedules begins. 

There is also some Top 25 discussion to be had. Ryan Scott makes his weekly appearance in "Top 25 Double-take."

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A reminder that Sunday shows tend to focus on the Northeast, Atlantic, South, and Central regions primarily.

If you have questions, feel free to interact witht he show (information to the right) or send an email (hoopsville@d3hoops.com) and maybe have your question be featured on the Hoopsville Mailbag segment.

Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Rusty Rogers, Concordia-Chicago women's coach
- Adam Stockwell, No. 14 Hamilton men's coach 
- Kate Pearson, Cabrini women's coach
- David Smith, Methodist men's coach
- Ryan Scott, "Top 25 Double-take"

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