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Wait... what?! Who won? Hold on, who lost?!

How did... but they... so... wow... okay.

Another crazy week(end) of Division III basketball leaves us more questions to answer, heads to scratch, and what-ifs to contemplate.

Sunday night's episode of Hoopsville promises to ... hmm, maybe we shouldn't promise too much if this season is a lesson in anything. Nothing is guaranteed.

Tune as Dave is joined by a few guests from around the country, but more importantly takes the time to look at some of the more interesting conference races and upcoming tournaments. There is plenty to dissect just two weeks away from the close of the regular season.

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Hoopsville is presented by D3hoops.com and airs from the WBCA/NABC Studios. Guests appear on the Hoopsville Hotline presented by the City of Salem.

Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Lauren Johnson, Ripon women's coach
- Kelly Thompson, Roger Williams women's coach
- Clif Carroll, Sul Ross State men's coach
- Ryan Scott, "Top 25 Double-take"

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