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It is a pretty common cliche this time of year, but it seems to be proven more often than not: survive and advance.

The opening weekend of the NCAA Division III tournaments was all about survival. Some top "seeds" were knocked off, hosts couldn't hold court, and some teams proved why the other adage is also correct, "that's why they play the game."

On Sunday night's Hoopsville, Dave McHugh recapped a wild and crazy opening weekend of games before then trying to get a sense of how the Sectional Weekend might turn out. Dave interviewed several of the coaches involved in some upsets and even found out why for some it was expected. Dave will also answer the ever so popular question, "why is so-and-so hosting."

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Guests scheduled (in order of appearance):
- Jamie Seward, SUNY New Paltz women's head coach
- Ashlee Rogers, Marymount women's head coach
- Ryan Cain, Keene State men's head coach
- Dick Perth, Wartburg men's head coach 

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