Hoopsville: Bitter Blizzard

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Despite technical problems over the last few weeks, Sunday's edition of Hoopsville was not been derailed by Mother Nature's rath! Three-feet of snow and still we were about to produce the show all thanks to that wonderful home studio.

Sunday night, Dave McHugh talked to programs who are storming the competition right now. Whether in the midst of long winning streaks or dominating their conference, these programs are making the turn at five weeks to go in pretty good shape.

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Guest include (in order):
- Cherise Galasso, WPI women's coach
- Gabby Lisella, No. 22 Rowan women's coach
- Kris Huffman, DePauw women's coach (WBCA Center Court)
- Mike McGrath, No. 12 Chicago men's coach
- Bert West, East Texas Baptist men's coast 

Audio Only Podcast:

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For those interested in seeing what Blizzard 2016 did to the Maryland region, below are some of the videos we shot outside the Hoopsville studios over the weekend.

Blizzard 2016 Time Lapse:

Blizzard 2016: Out in the Elements

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