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It isn't easy to coach at any level. It is a joy to coach Division III says many a coach. Some enjoy it on their way up the ladder, others on their way closer to retirement, and others as their passion.

Thursday night we talked to many coaches in different aspects of their careers with varying teams who are succeeding on the court and off of it because of what coaching has taught them including facing the challenges no one should face especially off the court.

Thursday night's Hoopsville (seen below) was a jam packed show. Dave McHugh talked to programs who are leading their conferences or in the hunt facing the challenge that not everyone expect them to be competitive. He also talked to a few coaches who are taking care of more than Xs and Os. They are taking care of their team after a horrific circumstance of a player's murder or looking out of their own battling cancer.

Guests include (in order):
- Scott Hemer, SUNY Geneseo women's coach
- Chris Downs, St. Lawrence men's coach
- Dan Priest, Kenyon men's coach (NABC Coach's Corner)
- Guy Rancourt, Lycoming men's coach
- Amanda Bailey, Luther women's coach
- Jacquie Hullah, Carnegie Mellon women's coach 

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