Hoopsville: Halfway Through

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For reasons we can't explain, Sunday's show "Halfway Through" has somehow been deleted off of YouTube and there is no way to restore it. None. We have no idea what happened to the show or how it got deleted. To make matters worse, our streaming platform never ended up recording the broadcast onto our studio computer - something that usually happens without fail. The "record" button was hit before the show began, but we never noticed it wasn't recording until after the show concluded.

This also means the podcast(s) for Sunday's show is unavailable.

The bad news: we have lost the entire show and have not found any way to restore it at this time.

The good news: most of the interviews during last night's show had been pre-recorded. We added the interviews with Franklin & Marshall's Glenn Robinson, LaGrange's Kendal Wallace, and North Park's Amanda Crockett below.

However, we are unable to provide the inaugural WBCA Center Court segment with Williams' women's coach Pat Manning nor our interview with New Jersey City men's coach Marc Brown.

We are very sorry for this unfortunate situation and will be taking the necessary steps to add yet another level of redundancy for future shows. Should we ever find a way to restore the show, it will be immediately reinserted to this page and the podcasts updated accordingly.

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