Meehan out amid allegations at Brandeis

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Brian Meehan
To add insult to insults, Brian Meehan's Judges finished 7-18 this season, their worst finish since his first season at Brandeis.
Photo by Dean Reid,

Brandeis men's basketball coach Brian Meehan's employment was terminated this week after new allegations surfaced regarding Meehan's "preferential and discriminatory treatment, unprofessional behavior, and racially biased harassment."

Meehan, who coached at Brandeis for 15 seasons and was a head coach in Division III for 22 seasons, matched the worst season of his career as the Judges stumbled to a 7-18 mark.

The Judges' coach had already been the subject of an internal investigation during the previous offseason, in which complaints were made, investigated, "and disciplinary action was taken," according to a letter posted on behalf of Ron Liebowitz, university president. The team had already lost key members of the 2016-17 team, including Jordan Cooper, the team's leading scorer, who left the team with a year of eligibility remaining

Meehan finished the season as head coach, but a new complaint was filed. "In light of the new complaint, we began a thorough examination and review of the prior incidents," Liebowitz's statement said. "As a result of this complaint and that review, the coach’s employment with Brandeis has now been terminated."

This season was the fourth consecutive losing season for the Judges under Meehan. He finished his time with the Judges with a 213-176 coaching mark. 

Athletic director Lynne Dempsey was placed on administrative leave as well.