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What is going on? It seems every underdog has a chance this season of knocking off a heavy-weight or a nationally ranked team. It was another week of upsets and bedlam.

Sunday night on Hoopsville, coaches from around the country will give their assessment of just how wide-open this Division III basketball season seems to have become. Plus, why their programs have as good a chance as anyone else to finish on top of their conferences at the end of February.

Dave will also be joined by Ryan Scott, D3hoops.com Columnist and fellow Top 25 voter, to try and make sense of what has been exciting basketball on any given night.

Sunday night's show also is the season debut of the "NABC Coach's Corner." The segment gives fans, fellow coaches, and whomever else the chance to hear more about what men's coaches are involved in outside of the X's and O's of basketball. This week's guest, Charlie Brock of Springfield, takes his team into the local elementary schools during each winter intercession and not only read to kids and help them with life's challenges (even at an early age), but also answer questions before shooting with them in the gym.

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A reminder the Sunday edition of Hoopsville primarily covers the Northeast, Atlantic, South, and Central regions, but we will answer any questions about all of Division III throughout the show. You can also send your questions to the show and have them featured on the Hoopsville Mailbag segment. Email them to hoopsville@d3hoops.com.

Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Tim Shanahan, Staten Island women's coach 
- Roy Muholland, Greenville women's coach
- Charlie Brock, Springfield men's coach ("NABC Coach's Corner")
- David Willson, Emory & Henry men's coach
- Ryan Scott, D3hoops.com Around the Nation columnist

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