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It is the time of the season when managing practices and games around finals and soon-to-be holiday breaks can be difficult, especially as most conferences have begun in-conference games while there are still non-conference battles on tap.

On Thursday's edition of Hoopsville, Dave chats with a number of coaches who have had significant starts to the season, but are now managing their seasons. How are the highs and lows massaged and how to keep student-athletes focused not only on their studies (and finals), but also the game.

Results at this time of the year will be a factor come the end of the season.

Dave will also discuss and update the breaking news out of St. Norbert where the women's basketball team has been suspended ten games due to a number of players' actions.

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Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Dan Lukes, Assistant Athletics Director, Athletic Communications
- David Doino, Averett men's coach 
- Ken Davis, Lake Forest men's coach
- Klay Knueppel, Wisconsin Lutheran women's coach
- Michelle Filander, Austin women's coach

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